This is the final logo, in small & large forms.
Test render of final logo elements, full environmental effects, volume effects in the marble and ray-tracing & global illumination etc are turned on now.   The marble's volumentric effects were obscuring the inner reflections a bit...but otherwise we're just about there.
This was a test render of the final marble with a few effects turned off.  This actually looks *clearer* than the final logo renderings because it's done in scanline with only an HDR environment map generating reflections.
Final text choices for logo with simple raytraced render of final marble model.
A few variations on the chosen font for the textual portion of the logo...
Initial font choices & ideas, font #4 was chosen during a conversation with the client but we decided the 'a" in the 3rd Marble word was more fitting than the a in in font 4, leading to 4b.
The reference photo in the bottom left is a bit hard to see on this screenshot as this draft work for the logo design was on 11x17" printable area in Illustrator, since we're focusing on font choices...but I combined 2-3 of those marbles into the 'draft' shot of my 3D model lower right.  Font choices simply generated conversation with my client/friend so I could move that part ahead too...
First initial drafts to start our conversation on his design. 
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